Do I have to put money in the jukebox?
Most jukeboxes have the option of free play or coin op.

What are your opening hours?
We operate from home so please ring before your visit to ensure we are there.

How do I add my CD collection?
You simply insert your CD’s into the relevant slot then put your track listings in the matching title page.  This is demonstrated on delivery or collection.

Can I add speakers in other areas in my home?
Speakers can be added in other areas.  Wireless speakers and feeding your jukebox into an existing music or dvd system are also popular options.

I would like to book a jukebox to hire, what do I need to do?
Just give us a call to confirm availability and price then send a cheque for £50 to secure the booking.  Full payment needs to be cleared before the hire date.

How many CD’s do jukeboxes hold?
Most jukeboxes hold 100 CD’s although it is not necessary to load all 100 at once.

Can I play my iPod or MP3 player through the jukebox?
Some jukeboxes have built in iPod docks and most others can be converted.

Are all jukeboxes remote control?
Some have remote control as standard and others have the option of a remote control kit.

Do jukeboxes need servicing or maintenance?
CD jukeboxes are designed to play day in day out in harsh environments, looked after at home your jukebox should go on for many years without a problem.

Do you ship jukeboxes to other countries?

Yes we have shipped jukeboxes as far as South Africa, we ensure the jukebox is surrounded in a wooden frame for safe transportation.

How do I select music from the jukebox?
Most jukeboxes have the option to select single tracks or whole albums, tracks selected go into a queuing

system and play consecutively.

Do jukeboxes play CDR’s or home burnt Cd’s?
For most jukeboxes this is not a problem.

Will a jukebox fit through my front door?
Most jukeboxes have a depth of 62cm or less and have wheels fitted so this is not usually a problem.

Do all jukeboxes have built in speakers?
Most freestanding jukeboxes have six built in speakers, 2 Bass, 2 Mid-range and 2 tweeters, this gives a fantastic sound quality loud or quiet.

I have a particular song I would like to play at my wedding that your jukebox does not have.
No problem, let us know the the track or CD and it can be installed before the hire date.

Do you deliver in person?
Whenever possible we will try to deliver ourselves, this way we can ensure your jukebox is handled with care and reaches you in perfect condition.  We can also give you a full demonstration of the jukebox and discuss possible options of extra speakers etc.

Do the jukeboxes come with cd's?

Our prices do not include cd's but here is the option to have cd's with listings at an addional cost