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  Rock-ola Peacock



The Peacock is Rock-Ola’s top of the line jukebox and includes all the classic features. Six bubble tubes, rotating colors in the side column, and the incredible “polarization of light” in which every feather in the Peacock plumes changes color independently from the feather next to it.
The beauty of the Peacock is equaled only by the quality of its sound. This bird will sing all of your favorite songs with its 900 Watts of peak music power stereo system.

IPod dock also available for this model
Dimensions: Uncrated: Height 61” Width 33-1/2” Depth 26-3/4” Crated: Height 73” Width 39” Depth 32”
Weight: Uncrated 284 Lbs. Crated 341 Lbs.
Amplifier: Output Power: Main amplifier 450 peak music power External amplifier 450 peak music power
Protection: Speaker overload High temperature Over voltage Under voltage Automatic, self resetting Frequency: 30 - 20,000 Hz Input Power: Domestic / Export Voltage: 115V / 230V Frequency: 60 Hz / 50 Hz Max Power Consumption: Standby 225 watts Max 800 watts
Speakers: (2) Tweeter 3” (2) Midrange 6-1/4” (2) Woofer 10” dual voice coil