NSM Parts & Accessories

We have many new and used parts for NSM jukeboxes.

Here are some of the most popular items, please email if you are looking for something else.

Please make a PayPal payment to jukeboxuk@hotmail.com and a message stating which item you require.

Wireless remote receiver and transmitter

This will fit any NSM CD jukebox except ES6.  You simply unplug your existing wired 3 button volume control and plug in the receiver instead.

If you have a multi function wired remote control, this can be kept plugged in and work in addition to the wireless remote.

The remote handset can clip onto the door key or be used anywhere in the room, volume up, down and reject.  Very easy to plug in, full instructions provided.

Price: £58

P&P: UK £4.50, International £13.95

Bluetooth receiver

This is for ES5, ES5.1 and ES6.
This is brilliant and allows you to play music wirelessly from your iPod, Android, PC or any other Bluetooth device wireless through your NSM.  The Bluetooth connection remains active until a CD is selected then normal operation resumes. Very easy to plug in, full instructions provided.

Price: £59  

P&P: UK £4.50, International £13.95

How do I find out what type NSM I own?

The most popular types of technology are ES4, ES5, ES5.1 and ES6.  Below is an image of the different technologies.  ES4 is not compatible with Bluetooth.  On the ES5 you need to plug into the larger back board by swinging the smaller front board forward, If you have ES5.1 you need the small square “background music” pictured (most ES5.1 models were fitted with these, if not they can be purchased and plugged in).